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NewsCreating a space to Lounge

Creating a space to Lounge

20 May 2019

What makes up the perfect lounge area?

Whether you are creating a sitting space for a residential home or an office reception area, there are some pretty easy-to-follow guidelines to creating a space that is well balanced. We want our lounge spaces to be both comfortable & welcoming but also practical & offering the right elements up to our guests.

So what do we need to get this balance right? Here are some tips from us at Urban World :

1) Start with the Sofa

The couch or sofa will anchor your whole area & dictate your colour palette. Place your sofa where a person can easily walk up to it and take a seat. Often placing a sofa with the long back side to a wall makes the most sense. In a home it would be for easy sight line to a TV and in an office within a few steps from your main reception desk. 

2) Put a Rug Under it

A carpet or rug will really outline the chosen space well. Use a rug with some complementary colours to your sofa. Be careful not to pick a rug that is too small, this will throw off the visual balance and make your sofa seem chunky. Always ensure your rug covers the area between coffee table and sofa comfortably & remember the sofa does not need to fit entirely on the rug!

3) Coffee Table for the win

These days one can find a plethora of coffee table styles on offer - but sometimes that makes it so hard to choose! Measure your space & don't let your coffee table be too big and overwhelm your rug. It should fit easily into the rug outline and be just in reaching distance from the sofa. In an office you don't want the table too close to the sofa as this will restrict guests walking too and from the sofa. A great trend is a pair or set of nesting tables, this offers the flexibility to move the tables around as needed, stretch them out or push them together to suit your space. A well chosen coffee table is an excellent way to use to bring in mixed textures - glass, wood, concrete and painted colours.

4) Scatter brain

Scatter cushions are a must have on any sofa! They are so easy to shop for and to make up that really the world is your oyster. If your couch is a plain fabric then consider using bold patterned scatters to create depth and visa versa if your sofa is a busy fabric. In terms of size, scatters should not be too small otherwise they look inconsequential. For an office - scatters are great to introduce your business' brand colours into the space. Finally - please use a good quality inner so you can achieve the perfect 'Pinterest' style puff! 

Urban World offers a wide spectrum of design services to help you achieve the perfect lounge look. We can custom design, source & manufacture sofas, scatters  and tables. We will ensure that the overall look and spatial layout is exactly what you require whether in your office or at home. 

Don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation today!